Our STEPUP Diversion program is designed to provide youth in our community with an alternative to the traditional criminal justice system by offering them the opportunity to address the root causes of their behavior and make positive changes in their lives. Our program focuses on providing comprehensive services, including counseling, therapy, job training, and educational opportunities to address the root causes of criminal behavior. 

We firmly believe in the power of rehabilitation and second chances as we empower our young people to overcome their past mistakes, learn from them, and build a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

Skills Development

Education and Workforce Training

- Year-Round HiSET/GED Classes

- Paid HiSET testing and transportation to/from test center

- Academic advising for job training programs & post-secondary education

- Job placement/ Access to free on- and off-site job trainings/ CORI friendly job placement

- Math, reading, & writing support for pre-college and training programs

- On-site paid internships for our most at-risk students

- Career readiness/ resume and CV development/ online application assistance/ FAFSA Support

- Financial and digital literacy classes and training

Trust Teamwork

Building trust with wrap-around services

- Student led mentoring program and extensive case management

- Court advocacy, mitigation, and financial assistance with some fines and fees

- Housing assistance for all age groups including working through the Youth Flex Fund / Food assistance

- Financial assistance with obtaining MA ID and licenses, re-instating phone access

We're better when we're united


Group / Individual Therapy

- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)/Minndfulness

- Substance Abuse/ Anger Management

- Restorative Justice

- Mentorship Program


Life and workforce Skills

- Professionalism Classes

- Mock interviews/ job training role playing

- College/technical school tours and Job training through virtual software

- Paid internships with on-site work training

We partner with:

Turn It Around

Transformational Prison Projec

PACC Global 

Justice 4 Housing

Office of Returning Citizens

Project North

Charlestown District Court

Charlestown Coalition

Teen Empowerment

Peace Institute

First Literacy